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"Q" by Morgane Lambert 
Lille, France

Morgane Lambert is an designer and illustrator from Lille, France living in Amsterdam
Did anything inspire the design of your letter? 
 I got inspired by my own handwriting. I always tend to write everything in one go because I like to be quick. Sometimes I can't read myself back but at least it often results in interesting shapes. 

Do you have any particular feelings on the European Union that you'd like to share? 
 I'm very pro-Europe, that's for sure. I was born in France but I had the opportunities to live in Portugal and currently in The Netherlands without the hassle of applying for a visa. It makes it so simple for people to travel around and immersing themselves in new cultures. I also think it makes us stand out as a whole on the worldwide balance. We're a continent that is extremely culturally rich and if we find a way to respect each other it can only strengthen us more. ​​​​​​​

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