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About the Project

The EU was born out of a dream of freedom, unity and peace that bound 28 countries, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. But today, the intangible, fragile concept that was meant to bring us together is at risk of being torn apart. 
We’re replacing “we” with “me,” closing our doors and waving flags that divide us rather than unite us. And as the media pumps out disillusion rather than optimism, It’s safe to say our future is uncertain. 

 So rather than debating over what Europe could become, Let’s restore pride in what being European stands for. We need to remind the world what makes the EU so damn special. We need to remind our leaders that our greatest strength is our diversity. We need to remind our citizens the EU is more than just a political agreement, It’s a community.

This font was born from this idea, to visualize our beautiful differences by having each letter be designed by a different designer from each different country in European Union.  Together, the differences still stand but create something stronger when unified.
This font is a collaboration of 28 talented designers from 28 different countries to express just that. 

Project initiated and curated by Valentina Jacks in collaboration with the designers below: